Friday, November 12, 2010

Wisconsin Turns Over a New Leaf

When a person hears that the Dairy State, a formerly predominantly Democrat state, is now turned all red in favor of the Republican.  For those of you familiar with politics and the leanings of each party, you are probably already starting to worry about what this change in guard will affect as far as the Sex Offender laws.

Needless to say I am not a fortune teller and I can not predict the future, but I do still carry a bit of faith that as long as people are not in groups when they are fed information they are far more likely to use reason and logic rather than sensational emotions to make long lasting and pertinent decisions for our state and its citizens.  In short, I think that if we present it properly, both as individuals and to each body of our Legislature here in Wisconsin I do believe that we will make progress educating the several hundred folks in our state government along with the millions of citizens that live here. 

I have been asked about the new Republican guard and how we would be better off with Democrats, but if that were the case, then where did all these laws here in Wisconsin come from, if the Republicans haven't had a majority in years, then it was the Democrats in office that 'did this'. Personally, I don't believe that either of them can do a satisfactory job in their positions mainly due to where their loyalties lie, which are not squarely with the voting public but somewhere in the pockets of people that are never mentioned.  That does not take away the power of the people though, we all have the power to fire everyone of them from the President on down, because we are the voting public and like all other things that if not used and practiced will have a tendency to wither and die this right, this Constitutional right will go where our Inalienable rights went, although a great many of them are already gone.


  1. Homeland security! Its not about the security of the homeland. Its about the inslaving of the homeland. Terrorist are the fear used to seal your rights. Its true! Osama Binladin, Tim Micvae, David Coresh, Randy Weaver all called god freaks, gun runners, terrorist and sex offenders. Why? Becouse the its ok for uncle sam to kill them. Uncle sam wants you to think all muslims are terrorist and all back to earthers are gun totein nuts, a non-mainstream church leader is a cult leader and pervert and every sex offender is a child snatchin sex crazed monster. Why? So you get scared and give uncle sam more power to protect you. The trade of is you have to give up some of your rights and freedomes to allow him to do that. Is it worth it? HELL NO !!! If you give uncle sam all that power he will use it to make you his slave! CHECK MATE! GAME OVER! Wake up! Dont be fooled! This is more of a danger to your children than most sex offenders or terrorist.

  2. Benjamin Franklin said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."