Friday, February 15, 2019

Wisconsin Justice Initiative blog

Wisconsin Justice Initiative blog:

Prior to the deaths of Vann-Marcouex and Teskoski, the suits say, "Wood County experienced multiple suicide attempts, at least some of which were successful." 

"In response to these suicide acts, Wood County made no changes to policies designed to prevent future suicides, despite the knowledge that its policies were inadequate," the suits say. 

The suits allege that Wood County’s "knowing failure" to have policies and procedures in place to identify and monitor suicide risks violated the constitutional rights of Vann-Marcouex and Teskoski.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Walker Administration Puts 181 Men on GPS, Charges Them $200 a Month, But Doesn’t Seem to be Monitoring Them | Madison365

Walker Administration Puts 181 Men on GPS, Charges Them $200 a Month, But Doesn’t Seem to be Monitoring Them | Madison365:

Cook said the Department of Corrections asked Attorney General Brad Schimel to specify for the Department what “multiple convictions” means.

Schimel, in a letter dated October 2017, said that multiple convictions would be anyone with more than one count of sexual assault. 

Two former prosecutors told Madison365 that there is a difference between multiple counts and multiple convictions. If you get in a fight on State Street and hit the person in the face twice, that’s two counts. But we all understand it to be one fight. Each blow of the fight was not a separate criminal incident.

 In any case, Schimel’s opinion was not acted on for a full year by the Department of Corrections. Department of Corrections Secretary John Litscher did not take action, but when he retired, new secretary Cathy Jess did. Finally, in October 2018, just weeks before Governor Scott Walker and Schimel were up for reelection, the Department reviewed hundreds of offenders and sent letters to Braam and 180 others.

90 state lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct since 2017

90 state lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct since 2017:

32. Wisconsin: Rep. Josh Zepnick, D, removed from legislative committees in December 2017 after being accused of kissing two women against their will at political events several years ago. Defeated in the Aug. 14 Democratic primary by attorney Marisabel Cabrera.

 33. Wisconsin: Rep. Rob Brooks, R, resigned as assistant Assembly majority leader Sept. 26, 2018, while acknowledging he made “stupid comments while under the influence of alcohol” to three female lawmakers. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that included sexual comments to two lawmakers and a racially insensitive remark to another after a July event involving the Republican caucus.