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Wanda Keller, Allan G. Keller and Greggory Lentz, Plaintiffs-Appellants-Cross-Respondents v. Barbara Patterson, Defendant-Respondent-Cross-Appellant. - Case Number: 2011AP334
APPEAL and CROSS-APPEAL from a judgment and an order of the circuit court for Ozaukee County:  THOMAS R. WOLFGRAM, Judge.  Judgment affirmed in part; reversed in part and cause remanded; order affirmed.

Need Information from WI government?  use this handy form letter to assist.

 Legal Resources for Low Income Households

STATE v. PRINEAS - State of Wisconsin, Plaintiff-Respondent,v.Anthony L. Prineas, Defendant-Appellant. - No. 2010AP2154. - Court of Appeals of Wisconsin, District II. 

Excellent book about how to get through a Polygraph.  Just don't tell the test taker that you have read it. 

After Crunching the Numbers: 
.08% (1 in 116) officers are cited for misconduct
13% of those are sex offenses/ sex related
800,000 estimated police officers in the US (thats one per RSO!)
Now let's crunch the numbers...

that makes ~ 6,873 instances of officer misconduct of which 13% are sex related offenses giving us a grand (estimated) total of.... 893 sex offenses committed by police officers during a six month period from April to Sept 2009 or nearly 18 per state!

that makes about 1.5% of all sex offenses are committed by police (893/63000)
Police officers make up 0.3% of the population in the US (800,000/311,745,000)

Now, according to the AP, only 500 teachers were arrested as sex offenders out of 3.5 million teachers, which makes .014% of teachers committed sex offenses or 0.7% of sex offenses were committed by teachers. Police commit sex offenses at twice the rate as teachers.

Smith vs Doe
meganslaw/  Ballotpedia - 2010 Election results

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers: Legal Resource Center.


A Manual for Creative Lawyering


Criminal Punishment & the Death Penalty 


Human Rights Watch Memorandum on US Criminal Punishment practices

State Felony Disenfranchisement Reform 1997-2008


"Abandon ethics, all ye who enter here" From In the news by Karen Franklin PhD


Residency restrictions illegal, Calif judge rules From In the news by Karen Franklin PhD


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Never Talk to the Police

Don't Talk to the Cops Part 1
Don't Talk to the Cops Part 2

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Prosecutions Under the Adam Walsh Act: Is America Keeping Its Promise? - Emily A. White