Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA - Legal Molestation?

"Applying the findings to the TSA debacle, there is no way to reliably determine whether any one of those good folks staring at your child's naked body or fondling your breasts or genitals to see if you are a terrorist is getting off.

And criminal history background checks won't help, either, because the broad majority of sex offenses are committed by men who have never been arrested for a previous offense." - Karen Franklin Ph.D.

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There has been a great deal going on in the news about the new Full Body Scans that are now required at airports that already have the equipment. How can it be OK for a TSA agent to literally fondle anyone they so choose, when in any other setting the things they re doing would be not only arrestable but require a lifetime of public registration as a Sex Offender.

Karen's article tells how even with the registry, the background checks, that we will not avoid what the general public fears the most.  Education is key, being aware is key, and knowing that when public molestation is deemed OK for someone to do if they work for Homeland Security, but not OK for a consenting teenage couple, then we are heading down a road that is almost too scary to keep your eyes open for.  Next, trains taking those that disagree with the government to camps so a "Final Solution" can be implemented.  (Sound familiar?)


Police and police psychologists seem to think that if they have decided that someone is guilty that all they have to do is "get it out of them".  What happens when they are wrong? 

Police psychologist settles confession suit for $1 million

"Only through serendipity were the boys' charges dismissed more than a year after their arrests, when DNA evidence proved that a mentally ill transient had committed the murder. That man, Richard Tuite, was ultimately convicted of manslaughter."

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