Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Positive Steps in the Public's Education

Read the comments at the end of the article, it seems that the public is beginning to see the light about the hype that surrounds any sex offense.  What wonderful steps that have been made by the people.
Community angered after sex offender receives award

What I notice here that is speaking volumes to those of us that live in fear of being run down just because someone looked them up on the internet.  There are no comments from the sex offender haters on there, not even congratulating the attempted murders.  

Another small but remarkable step in the right direction of education of the General Public.

3 more charged with attempting to harm Hopewell sex offender

This is written by a Public Defender in California, informative.... Maybe California will be the first to see the err of the ways of supervising and monitoring sex offenders.

Stop the sex offender fear-mongering

More than 1,300 convicted sex offenders could be able to claim compensation from the Scottish government after a landmark hearing in Edinburgh.

Sex offender ruling could lead to compensation claims

Sex attacker’s £1000 win for rights breach

Progress??  Yes and No.  Read the comments at the bottom, quite informative.

Six Myths Why We Can't Manage Sex Offender's Computer/Internet Use

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