Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ATSA 2014 SO Residence Restrictions.pdf - Google Drive

ATSA 2014 SO Residence Restrictions.pdf - Google Drive


ATSA does not support the use of residence restriction laws as a sex offender management strategy. Sexual abuse is most likely to occur within a pre-existing relationship between the sexual offender and the victim, and there is no evidence that residential proximity to schools, playgrounds, day cares, parks, and recreation centers increases sexual reoffending. There is no research to support the effectiveness of residence restrictions in reducing sexual recidivism and these types of policies often have the unintended

consequence that may compromise, rather than promote, public safety. The prevention of sexual abuse requires a well-planned, comprehensive, interdisciplinary response founded on evidence based strategies and policies that both protect communities and support the rehabilitation of offenders. It is therefore recommended that states and local jurisdictions seek effective methods to manage sexual offender risk while providing services that facilitate successful reintegration.

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