Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ABANDONING PRETENSE | We With The Pitchforks

I don't usually post things like this.  But this is a viewpoint that all of us that have a loved one on the list should be aware of.

This boy (I can't say man because I don't believe that his father taught him to be one) made some serious mistakes.  He is going to pay for them for the rest of his life.  He will be on the registry for as long as the law deems him to be, be that life or a decade.  He will have trouble finding gainful employment that will support him and a family.  If he ever does meet someone that will be tolerant of the stigma of the registry, having a family will be another logistical nightmare when it comes to the events for those children be them at school or in a park.   He and anyone he associates with will pay for this lapse in judgement for the rest of their lives with no opportunity to recover, move on and survive this instance.

That is the biggest difference between the victim and this boy.  The victim has been traumatized, she will get treatment, she will get counseling and she will be able to choose to move on with life too, putting the experience behind her.  Yes, there are some victims out in this world that never get that far, but the opportunity is there for them to move recover and move forward.

I have been seeing all over the internet the public asking for the death penalty for this boy, which is surprising because I have not seen in a long time an outcry such as this for someone that has actually taken another's life, which would seem fitting to call for the death penalty.  Could you imagine if we gave the penalty of death to anyone that made us mad?  It would solve the overpopulation problem, but it will do nothing for the country itself.

This boy needs treatment, his father needs treatment and the victim needs treatment.   Then they all need to go to AODA to learn about binge drinking amd about being a responsible drinker all around.  Things their parents should have taught them.

So the real problem here, the parents that did not do their job, that left their children ill-equipped to be sent out into the world on their own.

ABANDONING PRETENSE | We With The Pitchforks

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