Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From the News.... Something just doesn't seem right about this article...

Teen accused of possession of child porn will not face charges

A teenager who was charged with possession of child pornography after taking nude photos of herself and sharing them with another teen will not face sanctions under a deal worked out last week with the Marquette County District Attorney's office.

The charges will be dismissed if Vanessa Kranz, 17, doesn't break the law over the next 18 months, District Attorney Dick DuFour said Monday.
The deal avoids the awkward question of whether it's a crime for a child to possess pornographic photos of herself.

"I don't believe there is any case law one way or the other in Wisconsin" on that question, DuFour said.

"Ultimately, I don't know what a court of appeals or the Supreme Court would have decided."

DuFour called the deferred prosecution agreement "a reasonable way of resolving the case."

The criminal complaint said investigators found photos of Kranz, who was 16, on a flash drive belonging to

Brandon Simon, who is also charged in the case. The complaint said Kranz admitted taking explicit photos of herself last September, and Simon said Kranz had sent the photos to him.

Public Defender William Loring said neither he nor Kranz would comment on the agreement.

"I don't see how that can benefit her in any way, shape or form," Loring said Monday.

Simon, 18, is also charged with felony possession of child pornography. He will make his initial appearance Feb. 28, DuFour said.


All I can think about is the boy that was SENT those pictures from her, he didn't know they were coming, he can't refuse something that hasn't arrived and if he doesn't know he is supposed to refuse them because by the time he would have known that, the pics were received by him and thus putting the scarlet letter on his chest for all to see.  

She is guilty of the creation and distribution of Child Porn which according to federal law is punishable by a minimum sentence of 10 years in Federal prison and a lifetime on the Sex Offender Registry.  The poor boy is guilty of her wanting him to see pictures of her.

This is what our laws have come to, tell me how can this be what 'the people' want to do to protect even one child when they are putting children in prison for things like this. 


  1. Wake up! I see to much red tape and BullShit and dumb people. And the govenment and people sticking a nose in everything. And assholes that think more laws will fix it all.

    Its all downhill from hear. The american dream is DEAD! Freedome is DEAD! The whole system is shot and the end is near!

  2. This is just another example of how the movement against men in general has progressed since the 1970's.

    When they changed the definition of rape was when it started, now according to law it isn't rape unless it is man on woman, when there are countless female teenagers out there making Violent Sex Offenders out of innocent young men.