Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Has the Gestapo come to the United States?

When some think of the Gestapo they think of Nazi Germany, during a time when persecution was a way of political life and was widely supported by the public.  They said that Jews were a menace, that they were taking things away from the Germans.  What did they do with them all?  All those people of the Jewish faith?  Where did they call go? 

It is common knowledge where they ended up, concentration camps where they were either worked to death if they were healthy enough when they arrived or they were just put to death coming off the trains that brought them to these camps, by running them through "The Showers". 

For those that think that these practices are long gone and part of our history rather than our present, please, remove those pretty rose colored glasses that you seem to be wearing.  For, those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.  The laws, regulations and registries surrounding the Registered Sex Offender is a repeat of history.  A history that was so appalling, so egregious, so utterly sickening that we tried those responsible in an International Court where those convicted of those crimes and those that were just aware of what was going on but did nothing were put to death in the end. 

So let's examine how the Nazis were able to turn so many against one race.  They did it by enacting laws on a small scale, tilting the scales in the Gentile's direction and always tilting the scale against the Jew.  They did this over a period of time, just like they have with the RSO.  So eventually the Jew had no more rights left and were at the mercy of the local governments.  This caused the Ghettos to start in Germany, where disease ran rampant and maltreatment was commonplace.

The laws in the United States both at the Federal level and the State level are doing the same thing that all the anti-Semitic laws in Germany did.  When the laws and persecution started some Jews said that "it wasn't that bad", but only because they lived in an area where the laws that were there weren't exploited, as time went on and the Nazi regime became more and more powerful they began to implement the "Final Solution".  That was when the Ghettos were drained of their people by putting them on trains and shipping them to the camps.

It is happening here now, just the start, we have no camps...yet.

http://www.wtvm.com/Global/story.asp?S=13017807 - In Georgia, they are going home to home looking for non-compliance, just like they went home to home looking for Jews and then carting them off to the Ghettos.  Today they are looking for them and carting them off to Jails and Prisons that are owned and operated by private businesses geared around profits at any cost. 

http://www.tennessean.com/article/20100824/WILLIAMSON01/8240310/Sex-offender-tracking-gets-federal-help - Here they are boasting that the need for sex offender tracking marshals for the US Marshals office has allowed them to create 101 more jobs in the US Marshals service.  This is a rhetorical question, but who pays the salaries of the US Marshal service?  The taxpayer. 

http://www.scntx.com/articles/2010/08/24/news_update/329.txt - This kind of thing is everywhere, telling offenders where they can live, if they don't imposing more criminal offenses against them and fines.  How is one supposed to pay a fine when they can't get a job because their name is on a public list?  In the article it leaves out that while the violation is a misdemeanor, the non-compliance with the registry is a FELONY. 

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/08/23/aus_firewall_isp/ - The next thing to go will be our civil rights and ability to make our own decisions.   Instead the government will eventually tell us what we can see, what we can't see and prosecute us for the things they do not approve of.  They call this a free country?  The article is about Australia, but the scenario is coming home, soon.

http://www.corrections.com/news/article/25623-child-porn-producer-beaten-behind-bars - Then you have cases like this...  "Mr. Pinto, 29, pleaded guilty in May to producing child pornography and was shipped to Lackawanna County Prison to await sentencing in federal court. He should still be in his cell, but instead he lies comatose in intensive care at Community Medical Center in Scranton, his face pulverized, his brain floating in a lake of blood."  If you read further into the story, you may find yourself asking the question of who set it all up?

http://www.moviematics.com/2010/08/23/uncovered-the-real-traci-lords-critical-commentary/4995/ - Then you have Traci Lords, this is an interesting article because it makes pretty much anyone that looked at porn, nude magazines, etc Sex Offenders in the 1980's and with the laws, Sex Offenders definitely by today's standards, required to register for LIFE.  "Kuzma’s true identity and age were revealed in May of 1986, just days after her eighteenth birthday. According to Kuzma’s autobiography, which she authored under the legally-adopted moniker Traci Elizabeth Lords (yes, Nora changed her name to Traci Lords in the aftermath of her whole underage porn/sex scandal thing), authorities had been aware of her case for three years – essentially, for the entire time she had been working in adult entertainment. Industry insiders reported being shown photographic documentation –as in “cops in the bushes taking pictures while scenes were being shot”-type photographic documentation— of Kuzma’s earliest adult work taken by investigators during courses of questioning. Law enforcement was presumably gathering information for something having to do with the Meese Commission, and they were watching underage Nora f*ck and be f*cked all along…"

These are just a minute example of what is going on in this country.  Take the time, think about what the big picture is going to look like if you incarcerate and/or put everyone in the country on the list.  I know what the governments are thinking, one mandatory fee coming to them every year for the rest of people's lives.  It isn't taxes so it is more easily spend 'under the radar' because the accountability is less on that money cause "it's coming from sex offenders anyway and no one cares about them anyway right?"

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